• Patient Services

    Our customer service employees are pleased to assist you 24/7 to deliver the test results and respond to any inquiries. Tests results are delivered through WhatsApp application

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  • Lab Services

    Our Lab-to-Lab (L2L) division receives all samples in our main branch from 9:00 am to 4:00pm. We open our doors from 9:00 am

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  • Working Hours

    Our working hours are from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm in all branches except during public holidays

Latest News

    • February 2020

    (Elderly Medicine) conference in Dakahlia Governorate, sponsored by Arab International Laboratories

    The success of the (Geriatric Medicine) conference held in Dakahlia Governorate, in the presence of Prof. Dr. / Emad Kazim - Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Authority for Health Insurance and under the auspices of Arab International labs

    • January 2020

    The Egyptian Iron Ferroalloy Company

    The Arab Labs visited Edfu city, Aswan Governorate, to conduct a comprehensive examination of workers in the Ferroalloy Company, and this was done under the supervision of Dr. Amira Al-Ansari and Dr. Mahmoud Al-Ansari

    • January 2020

    Esna branch opened in Luxor

    Good news for our valued customers Opening of the Esna branch in Luxor on Friday, January 10, in the presence of the Counselor / Governor of Luxor And senior state employees The branch is ready to receive health insurance The branch will serve our clients in Luxor, Aswan and Qena

    • January 2020

    Obtaining the ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

    At January 2020 Arab international labs got iso 9001:2015 Certificate

    • January 2020

    El Yasmine compound

    Arab laboratory laboratories have agreed with the PRO company By visiting Al-Yasmeen compound in Sheikh Zayed, in order to reassure the health of children applying to the Sports Academy and raise awareness against diseases that may affect children

    • November 2019

    Russian University in Cairo

    Arab International Lab sponsored conducted a Virus C and B testing campaign for the students and staff of the dentistry college. All the results were negative, and no extra vaccination was required.

    • October 2019

    Breast Cancer Awareness Day

    Arab International Lab sponsored the Breast Cancer Awareness Day event in Sandoob Hospital for Health Insurance in Mansoura City - Dakahleya Governorate. Our team conducted an awareness campaign about breast cancer to the audience.

    • April 2018

    The Egyptian Iron Ferroalloy Company

    Our team conducted an inspection visit to the company’s head quarters in the city of Edfu – Aswan Governorate. All the employees and their families were tested against Virus C and B using PCR to follow-up the progress of the treated cases. That event was under the supervision of Prof.Dr. Amira El Ansary

    • January 2018

    Annual Meeting 2017-2018

    Arab International Lab celebrated its anniversary on the last Friday of January, were the company’s leadership presented what was accomplished during the previous year as well as the expansion plans for the coming year.